Ajooni (Star Bharat) Drama Serial: Everything to Know about Impressive Tv Show Cast, Story, Timings, Real Name, TRP & More

Ajooni is a Star Bharat Serial presented by Desi serial Live only.

Everyone here is looking for something something more exciting and Crazy. As we have been told in Episodes of Star Bharat’s Hotstar Latest serial Ajooni, the ongoing 85 episodes of Season 1 just dropped on the streaming line daily. Love. Romance, Action or Power.

Ajooni Drama Serial Plot/Story:

This is the reason that power is mentioned in the first list. Status and Wealth are as commonplace to the well-heeled Punjabi residents in the Indian‘ Bagga Family”. Ajooni is an Hindi-Indian lingo Drama serial. The show casts Shoaib Ibrahim and Ayushi Khurana who live in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Ajooni is produced by Ranjeet Thakur and Hemant Ruparel under the Banner of Frame Productions. The serial premiered on Star Bharat, and live on Hotstar on 26th July 2022.

The docu-drama ‘Ajooni’ opens up with a scene from a middle-class decent girl named Ajooni. Who is smart, courageous, and brave enough to fight for her rights. Ajuni lives with her family, who is broad-minded, educated, and believes in Progressive thinking. While, on the other hand, Shoaib Ibrahim who is playing his role as ‘Rajveer Bagga’, a smart, Witty, Wealthy ‘Spoilt Brat of a rich dad’ falls in Love with Ajooni except for their status differences and opposite Lifestyles.

Rajveer belongs to a well-known family who is famous for his Power and control in Punjab. All the hold of the family is in Ravindra Singh Bagga’s hands, who is Rajveer’s father. Except being so rich, His family still believes in old rituals such as superstitions and is deeply rooted in the norms and traditions. Both, Ajooni and Rajveer families have different beliefs and lifestyles. Vohra family is broadminded Who supports their daughter’s education either it is Meher or Ajooni, while Bagga’s are kinda Narrow-minded. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ajooni Serial Trailer/Promo/Teaser/ TRP Rating:

This Drama serial has gained popularity and made its ‘Name’ in the entertainment industry for its creative and predictable storyline. When it comes to the ratings, Ajooni has received a good response from the audience and achieved a good TRP Rating and Shoaib Ibrahim’s acting is always ‘So Impressive’ and strong. You can Watch Ajooni on Desi Serial any time daily. And Ajooni Drama Serial promo has released on 15th July 2022.

Coming back to the story of Ajooni, Expect all the differences, Ajooni Vohra and Rajveer Singh Bagga fell in love with each other. Ajooni doesn’t express her feelings and admiration for Rajveer for his soft attitude towards her. Rajveer forces her to marry her. Unwillingly, Ajooni has to marry him but she is not satisfied with her marriage with him. Ajooni is angry on Rajveer, Will Ajooni take revenge on Rajveer ?.

Well, it’s a fictional story, not a reality man…Take it easy 😀...Cinderella is always his lover’s beloved and true love never separates the roads. So will Ajooni be…;’)

As Raj’s family doesn’t accept Ajooni easily but he doesn’t leave her alone to suffer there. And as time passes, She realizes his True Love for her, and the Twists & suspense continues ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡.

Ajooni Show Cast/ Real Name, Age, Role Played & Photo:

Ayushi Khurana

Ajooni Real Name
Ajooni Vohra’s character is played by Ayushi Khurana, Afe; 24 years old, Rajveer’s Wife.

Shoaib Ibrahim

Rajveer Singh Bagga Real Name
Rajveer Singh Bagga’s character is played by Shoaib Ibrahim, Age; 35 years old, Ajooni’s Husband.

Jairoop Jeevan

Seema Pandey

Pankaj Dheer


Ajooni TV Show on Star Bharat Details:

Television Show  Ajooni
Main Star Cast                                                  Shoaib Ibrahim
Ayushi Khurana
Country                                          India
Language                                       Hindi
Network                                         Star Bharat
Channel                                          Hotstar, Apne Tv
Release Date & Timing    
26th July 2022, 8:30 Pm
Recurring Cast Drisha Kalyani
Pankaj Dheer
Shraddha Singh
Praveen Sirohi
Simran Khanna
Sonia Keswani
Veena Kapoor
Jairoop Jeevan
Charul Bhavsar
Vedprakash Singh
Seema Sharma
Namrata Kapoor
Kamal Malik Simarjeet Singh Nagra
Pallavi Sapra
Shourya Lathar
Gaurav Bajpai

Little you should know about Shoaib Ibrahim, he is an Indian Television actor, his Wife Dipika Kakar is also an actress in the big Drama serial ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ Season 1 & 2, and his sister ‘Saba Ibrahim’ is a great Vlogger.

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